Nicaragua + Living Water = Awesome

By: Dwight C.

August 24, 2016

It all started when ... I've a passion for third world/developing countries, especially when it comes to water, health & hygiene. When my church asked for well drillers, I jumped at the chance, thank God I did.

I enjoyed getting to know ... All the local community leaders + the kids. WOW!!! These people opened their homes & hearts to us as if we'd been there many times before. What love & joy they have in their lives. Sometimes I wish their enthusiasm would rub off on us here at home. God bless them.

Things that challenged and changed me ... They have so little, materialistic speaking, yet their love & kindness shows thru like none I've ever seen.

I will never forget ... The kids, the community leaders, their passion, heart & love for God. The natural beauty Nicaragua. Wow!

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