My Experience in

By: Alexandra T.

July 29, 2016

It all started when ...  My uncle told my family he would sponsor any of us who wanted to go on this mission trip to Guatemala with him. My Granddad had done a trip with Living Water before in Guatemala and when he came home and shared his stories; I had really wanted to go on a trip to Guatemala with Living Water.

I enjoyed getting to know ... All the people in the village, and the in-country Living Water team.

Things that challenged and changed me ... I was in awe at the hearts of the people. It was amazing to see how they worked hard to communicate with us even when we didn't speak their language. They opened their homes and bathrooms for us to use. The kids at the school came up to us and gave us their snacks. They cooked so much food for us, and the women were back there cooking all day for us. The local men jumped in and helped the drillers. Everyone was so gracious and loving that was very inspiring to me.

I will never forget ... The locals and the Living Water in-country team. This was an amazing experience and all the people I met have a special place in my heart.

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