Taking A Step

By: Mary D.

July 11, 2016

It all started when .... When I was approached at Church because I had expressed an interest in doing a mission trip.

I enjoyed getting to know .... The in-country team were amazing, we shared our belief in GOD, food, hard work and lots of laughter. The people in the community were awesome as well, very welcoming and accommodating. Lastly, the team of volunteers, I think we will forever be connected because of this experience.

Things that challenged and changed me .... At times, my own personal demons crept out but my supportive and loving fellow volunteers were always there for me. I will forever be changed by the faces of those kids. They were happy and joyful despite their poverty and circumstances.

I will never forget .... Nestor, the assistant driller. I called him Rudy all week and we had lots of fun with that!

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