What an Amazing Experience

By: Laura N.

July 11, 2016

It all started when..... A friend from church shared her experience with Living Water. I was really touched by her testimony and it began to really weigh on my heart. After a lot of prayer, God was directing me and my husband to join them on this trip. I had no idea that this trip would be as life changing as it was.

I enjoyed getting to know.... All the people of the community. I was able to interact better than I thought with the women and children in Leon. These people were the kindest, loving, funny people I have met. I thought God was calling me because I had something to offer, but I believe he led me to Leon to allow the people to bless me.

Things that challenged and changed me.... The difference in understanding salvation and the presence of God was challenging. It broke my heart to hear the children tell me they couldn't be saved or become a true Christian because they weren't perfect. I had the pleasure of befriending many women and children on this trip but there was one special lady Myra that left an impact on me. She invited me to her house and our team took a walk through the community to see her home. Keep in mind these people live in homes with dirt floors, no windows, and nothing but a hammock or a blanket for a bed. Myra had swept and tidied up her home and was so proud to show it to me and the team. The pride in her face and the love she had for her hints blew me away. It really put things into perspective!

I will never forget.... The young girl Sara who talked to me for an hour about Jesus and salvation. We used google translator and through the application were able to go to our team lead Johanna to help translate a prayer of salvation. God was present in the moment and I know Sara left changed! We felt the presence of God the whole trip, it was beautiful and amazing. I also met a young girl Isela who became very special to me as well. All these kids wanted was attention and to feel special! Isela and I formed a special bond that will never be forgotten! God used this trip to change me and I will always remember this when I begin to feel that I need more! I have been forever humbled. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this ministry!

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