My Happy Place

By: Madison Tryon

March 11, 2016

It all started when ... Earlier this year when Living water came and spoke to my school about living water and what y'all are all about. I've always wanted to go on a mission to trip. El Salvador with Living Water happened to be my first mission trip. When I found out my school had a chance to go I couldn't say no.

I enjoyed getting to know ... More about the culture in El Salvador and how different it is from the U.S. I also enjoyed connecting with the kids in El Salvador. Although there was a little language barrier it didn't hold us back. We still got to really connect with the kids and play with them - it was amazing.

Things that challenged and changed me ... Would have to have been trying to understand the language. What changed me was really my whole view on different places in need of water. It was one thing seeing videos on Living Water and seeing how under-privileged some of the villages are, but actually experiencing it is unbelievable. I'm happy for the community with water now. It brought in a whole new light to the community and opened not only their eyes but mine as well.

I will never forget ... Having the chance to play with the kids and see their faces when we started cleaning the water from the well. We played for about 15 minutes in the water and they all had a blast. I wouldn't trade that memory for the world!

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El Salvador

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