Life-changing Trip

By: Patti Kirkland

February 26, 2016

It all started when ... I heard an announcement at our church regarding a staff Living Water trip and this was something I had wanted to do for quite some time and so I immediately texted the pastor who made the announcement conveying my interest.

I enjoyed getting to know ... Both Nestor Cruz and Rudy were PHENOMENAL! They were incredibly skilled, patient and led us well. We felt that there wasn't even a language barrier!

Things that challenged and changed me ... The task itself was difficult. We hit rock after about 30 ft or so. At first it seemed like such a simple task- drill a hole in the ground and hit water- put a pump in. But it was so much more complicated and we realized that all our efforts could only go so far and this was going to take a huge move of God-- and move He did. I am so grateful for those difficulties and challenges because it reminded us all of our complete dependance on God!

I will never forget ... Working with the hygiene team! Karla was amazing and led us so well. Working with the kids and the teachers at the school was such a blessing. Being able to share Bible stories with the kids and have Karla translate them was an experience I'll never forget. Hearing God's Word translated into the beautiful Spanish language was both beautiful and humbling as we realized the bigness of God's kingdom! But the most gripping moment for all of us was standing together as a team and watching the water coming out of that pump - and knowing that God is at work in the community of Masagua. It's so much more than water....

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