Renewed & Revived - Water's Healing Nature

By: Zack Eastburn

October 27, 2015

It all started when ... Several guys that are in various small groups I participate in have been on previous Living Water trips so I had become familiar with the program. Then, an opportunity came to participate in a group through Priority Associates. It had been way too long since my last mission trip (2007) south of the border. This was also the first chance my wife and I had to go on a mission trip together. To top it off, I believed this opportunity was something I needed in my life to help reignite some passion that had been waning.

I enjoyed getting to know ... The El Salvador in-country team! They are all absolutely amazing and on point! I cannot speak enough about how well this trip went and how organized it was. The community was absolutely warm and welcoming to us and showed us more gratitude and kindness than we could have asked for.

Things that challenged and changed me ... I had developed a stereotype that mission trips include living amidst the community you're serving, even if this means no A/C, sleeping in a hammock, or cold showers. This is what I believed I needed to completely separate myself from my over-abundance life and truly connect with the people I am serving and God. On this trip, we had very nice accommodations with A/C, clean beds, amazing meals and a beach front view. To top it all off, the community made sure we never went hungry! My point is, don't let stereotypes persuade your image one way or another. Focus on serving the people of the community and sharing the word of God with them! The rest will fall in place and if you're like me, you'll feel that reconnection closer to God you had been needing.

I will never forget ... Where do I begin?!
1. Wilfredo (picture) providing all of his hard work to help with his community's well.
2. Little Jose. A little 7 year old boy whose gap-tooth smile will always be in my mind.
3. On the last day, playing soccer, rugby and frisbee with what seemed like every boy in the school all in one school yard!
4. The bonding of our team!
5. The feeling you can only get from serving others.

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El Salvador

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