In Awe

By: Cindy McElvaney

October 19, 2015

It all started when ... I never knew that people in our world were living with dirty water. I've been fortunate enough to have clean water all my life and when my pastor preached a message on giving and the concept of drilling wells, I was totally caught off guard but I knew this is something I had to do. It took me quite a few years to be able to go on a water trip due to personal reasons but I believe God brought me to Leon for such a time as this. He knew the exact time I would be ready to open my heart and my eyes to see the reality of dirty water and it's effects on the lives of the people in our community.

I enjoyed getting to know ... I enjoyed every moment of my trip. God placed me in with an amazing team that worked so well together and built bonds that will last forever. Not only that but the people of the community were so kind and welcoming. They open their private lives to us and took us in as family.

Things that challenged and changed me ... Was taking the steps to get on the plane, see I don't like to fly, not one bit, but with God's help and the encouragement of my teammates, I took those first steps and entered into an adventure that would forever change me. I also felt a bit out of my comfort zone doing our hygiene lessons, I'm more of a get your hands dirty kind of girl and I felt very overwhelmed speaking in front of so many moms and children but how rewarding it was to make them laugh and see that they really wanted to learn and hear what I had to say.

I will never forget ... The dedication day. Our team and the community members stood together united to thank God for this amazing gift of water. I was so honored and blessed to be a part of something so amazing, to be able to help give the gift of clean water.

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