Another fantastic experience ......

By: Ed Kriz

August 24, 2015

It all started when ... I was first introduced to Living Water International in 2004, attended a drill training, and participated in trip to Central America. From that time I have been on many trips with each one being different and special in their own way. Honduras was no exception.

I enjoyed getting to know ... those on my team on a different level than just acquaintances at church. Working together side by side, discussing devotional materials, traveling and sharing formed bonds that will last. In-country staff was exceptional and it is apparent that Jesus is alive in the each of them as they serve both teams and the communities.

Things that challenged and changed me ... as always the conditions in the community always strike me in the paucity of goods, services and possessions. As we serve and are served I realize that it is us that are lacking, not in material possessions but in faith. To see the true joy demonstrated by those in the communities served is a testament that it is not material wealth or possession that brings joy but a relationship with the One that gives life - Jesus. It is harder for us to lean into God because we have been conditioned to rely on our own power and resources and not His. We are the poor in spirit....

I will never forget ... Alfredo and his passion for the Lord - he truly is a man of God and demonstrated a transformed life through a relationship with Jesus.

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