And a Child Shall Lead Them ...

By: Mitchell Peairson

August 11, 2015

It all started when ... My daughter Anne (23) approached me and told me she wanted us to go on a foreign mission trip together. I had been on trips over the years, including to Honduras with LWI a few years ago. In our group, there were four family units - father/daughter, father/son, father/son, and grandfather/grandson. As we talked one night while in-country, it came to light that - in each instance, the child had initiated the idea to go on the trip to their parent or grandparent. And I loved learning that Anne suggested this trip because, in her words, she "wanted to bless her dad", but in return she was blessed by the "unconditional love" shared with her by the people of Santa Ana Mixtan.

I will never forget ... Seeing my adult daughter in a new light. She was amazing with the women and children of the village. I called her the "village rock star". My favorite moment was watching Anne hand out bibles on the last day as the villagers left the dedication service, and watching each woman and child, no matter how long it took, wait in line to give my daughter a hug and a kiss (and she doing the same in return). The love of Christ shone through in both directions, and as a father, it was a very special thing to experience.

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