Living Water in El Salvador

By: Jena Long

June 4, 2015

It all started when ... I was getting close to the end of my semester of school and I really was wanting to go on some type of adventure. I have always wanted to go on a mission trip and when I mentioned this to my dad he told me to look at Living Water International. I decided to browse the website and see what it was all about. When I was reading people's stories and looking at the dates, the El Salvador trip seemed to work out perfectly! Going on this trip was a last minute decision. I was so lucky that I was apart of this experience, it was the best choice I have made!

I enjoyed getting to know ... Everyone! I really liked my team, the staff, and the community. My team worked really well together in all aspects. It was really interesting getting to know 8 other individuals really well. The staff was absolutely amazing, they really take care of you on the trip! They always were available to translate and always making sure we felt comfortable. They were all really sweet and made the whole week very fun. The community (village) we went to was filled with very friendly people! All kids were adorable and loved playing all the time. I also felt very welcomed by the people in the village.

I will never forget ... The dedication day! This is the day we dedicated the well and was able to share the gospel with the village. About 75 to 100 people accepted Jesus into their hearts and I will never forget seeing that. The village was so full of love and excited that day, it was so hard to leave it.

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El Salvador

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