An Amazing Week

By: Kathy Long

June 4, 2015

It all started when ... My daughter expressed an interest in going on a mission trip with me.

I enjoyed getting to know ... My team and the staff. The staff was amazing in making us very comfortable and always available to answer any questions. They were so fun to work with and you can tell they all love working together. I loved our team and it was wonderful to spend time with people who are all seeking God more intimately and also who want to help others by providing clean water. An extra bonus was having another team sharing the hotel with us. It was fun to worship, dine and have fellowship with them as well.

Things that challenged and changed me ... Was working in the heat and sweating all day long. It was always wonderful to know that we would get to shower and sleep comfortably at night. Living Water International gave me a very positive outlook on a mission trip. I was a bit apprehensive what it would be like and wanted to make sure we weren't too invasive to the local village. Your organization has really done their research. It was wonderful to know the villages invite us to come. We had a wonderful welcome and felt comfortable being there. I love how LWI has local staff who understand the culture and speak their language. Also, the staff is exceptional. Karla was amazing with her passion and enthusiasm as she won the hearts of the women and children in our village. I will look forward to another mission trip down the road because of what I saw at LWI.

I will never forget ... Looking up and seeing about 100 kids coming down the road to join our well dedication ceremony. Most if not all of those kids received Jesus into their heart that morning. It was so wonderful to be apart of.

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El Salvador

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