Our God is Big, Our God is AMAZING!!!

By: Angel King

May 8, 2015

It all started when ... Pastor Fred Dallas asked me to join a team in El Salvador to serve our AMAZING God!!!

I enjoyed getting to know ... All the team members that worked with Living Water and especially Karla. She gave me joy to serve with her.

Things that challenged and changed me ... The week spent in El Salvador has been a life changing experience. I have fallen in love with the people of a small town that I can not say or spell, but they will forever be etched in my heart! I have seen God move and provide! I experienced worship in so many ways over the week from loving others, moments that make a never ending memory, devotionals that draw you closer to others and our heavenly Father, singing outside with a group of people that are lifting their hearts to the Lord, to the celebration and praise of a well of which clean water flows... Thank you God for this experience!

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El Salvador

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