The Joy of Obedience

By: Mike Lindstrom

March 26, 2015

It all started when ... I was appointed to a new church and heard there was a trip planned with Living Water. I knew I wanted to go because this was my third well to work on, but my first in Honduras.

I enjoyed getting to know ...  the Living Water staff of Honduras. The country coordinator, Emilio, was an inspiring man to watch and learn from. His love for the people of Honduras helped me to gain a greater love for them as well.

Beyond the staff there were the children of the school where we were drilling. There were so many of them and so few of us (a four-person team) that it was hard to get to know any of them well. But the picture here is of one young boy who captured my attention and whose smiling face I looked for in the crowds.

Things that challenged and changed me ... The key for this trip began on the bus at the airport. When Emilio turned around and said, "You are already successful because you were obedient to God and you came to Honduras..." That set the tone for the week. Doing as he asked, I was able to drop all my expectations, which was important because my previous experience was in Nicaragua. I found myself able to accept what came and trust God in the moment. That has carried on for me even now.

I will never forget ... The time of worship that we had one night in the hotel where we stayed. Singing and a word from the Lord filled my heart to overflowing. That passion for Christ and the work of God stays with me.

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