Heavy Hearted for Honduras

By: Darin Dillon

February 19, 2015

It all started when ... Traveling on many previous trips to various countries and working with water purification/filtration, I really wanted to "drill a well" and LWI allowed that opportunity.

I enjoyed getting to know ... The local Hondurans and those associated with LWI (both locally in the US plus those in Honduras).

Things that challenged and changed me ... The pure joy plus happiness these impoverished folks possess. We return to the US with a newfound view of the blessings we have and the basics we have in abundance.

I will never forget ... What a remarkable trip! We left Houston with high hopes of drilling a well in a remote region of Honduras that had no access to clean water. We had no idea as to the beauty of this country of the people we would learn to love. Reflecting back on the eight days there on the ground:

o We found water for a village of ~50 homes. The homes were a far cry to what we would call a home in our country, yet the people in Honduras definitely made their homes beautiful within each community we visited.
o We learned that drilling a well is quite a bit of hard work, time consuming and comes with many challenges.
o We found the local laborers can work far faster and far harder than we can. We also learned that they are very kind when pushing you out of the way to ensure efficiency and quality in their delivered product.
o We repaired many previously installed pumps and wells that will continue to bring life to many Honduran communities.
o We taught many women and children the importance of hygiene plus the importance of a personal relationship with our Savior.
o We found peace in each severely impoverished community we traveled plus resided.
o We celebrated a week away with friends/family with no drama and a focus on Jesus plus furthering our friendships of our team of ten.
o We experienced local food, all of which was delicious.
o We found that Rice and Beans at each meal is actually pretty good. And, their chicken is so fresh plus free range.
o We came to love the coffee that is grown in this locale.
o We found that Living Water International has a stellar team all over the globe serving communities.
o We each returned with a newfound faith and feel richly blessed from the days away with those fine Hondurans.

In summary, I am thankful for all who traveled alongside me plus feel blessed that we had so many people praying for us back home. The efforts of those traveling and those praying, our trip was a huge success!

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