It's All About The Water.....

By: Melissa Fischer

February 6, 2015

It all started when ...  My church supports Living Water International through Advent Conspiracy. I have been a huge clean water advocate since I was a young girl, and now as a health care professional in laboratory medicine I understand how important clean water is! To be apart of this team was a wonderful life experience to me.

I enjoyed getting to know ... The members of my team...varying backgrounds, ages, professions ...but we all shared a passion for Jesus, working hard, and loving others regardless of any differences we might have had.

Things that challenged and changed me ... I was challenged when I was explaining the importance of clean water and hygiene to the women and children of Santa Clara. I hope that they were able to understand me. I challenged the women to go tell 10 other women what they had learned...if one woman tells someone else then I did my job!

I will never forget ... The passion, hard work, patience, kindness (I could go on and on) of Manuel, Rudy and Carla . They lead by example and are truly Jesus in skin. I am so blessed to have met them and hope to see them again some day.


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