My Journey to Haiti

By: Jasmine Ayala

November 18, 2014

It all started when ... The earthquake hit back when I was maybe in high school or middle school my heart broke for the Haitian people. It really broke my heart because some of the people in my family are from Port-a-Prince, Haiti. I never truly prayed about going especially since I was not a Christian and I did not believe that spending thousands of dollars to help some people would make a difference. I've been walking with the Lord for about three years now and when I heard Juny (Our head pastor for Awakening) was taking a group of people to El Salvador, all I could think in my head was, "How cool would it be to take a group of Awakeners to Haiti". This was even before I knew anything about Living water and about all the places that the organization goes to. Next thing you know, "Hey we're taking sign ups for Haiti 2014"... Man I jumped up and signed my name and started praying about going to Haiti and I was one of the lucky ten to go. God is so good.

I enjoyed getting to know ... Charles. God has a funny way of setting up things and appointing people to each other. I am very thankful for all the advice and help that he gave to our team. He is truly a man of God and I am very thankful for the prayers, wisdom, and lectures. Also another person that I was really happy to meet was Nason (I think that is how you spell his name). Each time we were thirsty or hungry he MADE SURE we washed our hands. He was always standing by the bucket to make sure we were washing our hands. But, Even when we were not hungry or thirsty he made sure we were drinking. I can honestly say I never washed my hands that many times. But I am truly thankful for him because if it was not for him making sure that we drank water or washed our hands, I think we would have gotten sick. I thank God none of us got sick. Last but not least, I really enjoyed meeting our director, Wilbert. I pray that I come back again and work with the same staff that was there. I think I can speak for the whole team from Montebello by saying they made our stay memorable and worth it.

Things that challenged and changed me ... was the language barrier. I was always frustrated with myself because I could not speak to the kids. There was this little girl that I spent most of my time with and I wanted to pray for her. I had the biggest urge to pray for her. When I asked in English if I could pray for her she just looked at me and had no idea what was coming out of my mouth. I was ready to start tearing up. But, I just held on to her and played "hot hands" and as we were playing and having fun, I was praying for her in my head. This mission trip has changed me for the best. Three weeks later and people say that they see a difference in me. I am not sure what the change is honestly, and I do not see how I am different but I am glad that they do. I do not want to turn back to whomever I was before because now I am growing more in the Lord.

I will never forget ... I will never forget Haiti, being back in the U.S. still isn't the same, and all the pictures and videos still break my heart. Not because of anything bad, but because I left a part of me there and I do not think I will ever be the same. I miss all the beautiful people and kids. I miss everything about Haiti.



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