Can We Love People to Hell?Church

Can We Love People to Hell?

How should the Church address social transformation and spiritual transformation? 

READ MORE published: November 10, 2017

The Characteristics of GodChurch

The Characteristics of God

Since God is the Bridegroom of the Church, we must devote ourselves to knowing him intimately so that we might please him and effectively serve him in this loving union throughout this life and the next.

READ MORE published: November 09, 2017

Some Blessings Need to Be Asked ForChurch

Some Blessings Need to Be Asked For

I love reading through God’s Story chronologically as it gives lots of little puzzle pieces that then make the big picture a little more clear.  Along with clarity in the story we also get to meet interesting people on the journey.

READ MORE published: November 01, 2017

The Genius of One: God's Answer for Our FractChurch

Together let’s stir things up, in our relationships, our churches, our communities, and our world. For the time is now for us to act, to lead. To live out what Jesus prayed for us that night so long ago.

READ MORE published: October 12, 2017

Why Accountability MattersChurch

Why Accountability Matters

Accountability allows us to confess patterns of temptation and in so doing we are restrained from actual transgression

READ MORE published: October 12, 2017


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