"God Told Me There Would Be Water Here"Field Notes

GHANA – Chiana Kagoginia

READ MORE published: January 25, 2012

A Word from the Staff: The GulliksonsField Notes

A Word from the Staff: The Gulliksons

Different isn’t a bad thing…

READ MORE published: January 24, 2012

Kids, Origami, & EthiopiaDo Something

“Kids have so little sense of ‘personal power’. It is important for them to realize they can make a difference no matter how old they are.” This comes from a mom whose two little girls are setting a high bar for advocates of the water crisis.

READ MORE published: January 11, 2012

Finding Perspective at the Wellchicago haiti Do Something

For Randi Belisomo, holidays the past few years have been a struggle. As the ever-present air of gratitude at Thanksgiving quickly turns into the twinkling, joyful lights of Christmas, she is reminded that her late husband, Carlos, is no longer with her to experience the gleeful, celebratory moments. But earlier this year, Randi traveled with Living Water to disaster-stricken Haiti and life as she knew it, again, changed.

READ MORE published: December 02, 2011

A Mission of Mercyburkina faso Africa Field Notes

While it’s true that Living Water works around the world to drill and repair water wells, our work is more than that. Each well is a stone in the water, causing endless ripples throughout the communities where we work. Often, we don’t know the extent of this ripple effect; but one Sunday in Burkina Faso, Living Water’s Burkina Faso Country Director Geoffrey Richter got to witness it first-hand as the well he helped repair last summer opened the door to save someone’s life. Yes, we know clean water saves people’s lives...but this time was a little different.

READ MORE published: November 19, 2011