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Families in El Salvador are at risk.

For 88-year-old Teresa, family is everything, and everyone in her community is like family. This great-great-grandmother lives in La Bolsona, El Salvador—a sugarcane farming community—where she and her husband, Antonio, moved years ago to escape the violence of the national civil war.

Yet their new home held unexpected dangers. Over time, pesticides from the sugarcane farm contaminated their only water supply—a shallow hand-dug well along the riverbank. She knew that the water is unsafe for her family to drink, but they had no other option.

As a result, she lost her Antonio 25 years ago. Sadly, Teresa's son-in-law and daughter-in-law have also passed away from the same chronic kidney disease, and their tragic story is far too common in Central American farming communities. In the face of all these heartbreaks, Teresa's faith and resilience inspired her family to not give up.

But now this vicious cycle of disease and death is coming to an end. Thanks to friends like you, La Bolsona has access to safe water! Teresa is overjoyed that future generations of her family won't have to suffer without water like she has.

Many families in El Salvador and around the world still urgently need your gift of safe water and living water. By acting now, you can leave a legacy of health and healing in communities like Teresa's today!

Watch this video to see more of Teresa's inspiring story.

Leave a Legacy

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