Hope for Haiti

By: Daniel S.

February 28, 2018

Our church has been sponsoring wells since we launched in 2014. We have sponsored 6 wells so far, but we wanted to actually see and be a part of the process for this 7th well.

I enjoyed getting to know the beautiful people of Haiti. From the moment we landed, we were welcomed with open arms and hearts by the Living Water staff. We loved getting to know each of the wonderful staff members. We also loved getting to know the children and the staff in the school where we drilled.

Seeing the whole process from the first shovel going into the ground to the dedication ceremony was truly life-changing. To think that in one short week, the lives of these children and this community could be changed forever is unbelievable and humbling. It was a true honor to be Christ's hands and feet in providing water.

I will never forget the beautiful smiles of the students, of the staff, and of the security guard at the Living Water team compound. Every morning and every time we returned from the day's work, he greeted us with a smile. Though we did not speak the same language, we understood each other very well.


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