Field Notes

You Helped Liberia Become Ebola-Free!

by: Meredith Maines
June 12, 2015

We’re still celebrating that Liberia is officially Ebola-free—praise God! Communities and families are regaining confidence and emerging from the fear that held them captive. We all know that safe water and improved hygiene practices are critical first-defenses against the spread of disease. And here’s how donors like you have been part of the solution in Liberia!

So far in 2015, you've helped us:

• drill 15 new wells
• rehabilitate 17 existing wells
• repair eight previously drilled Living Water water points
• provide service visits to 12 wells
• organize 23 water user committees to sustainably maintain their boreholes
• form school health clubs
• promote water collection-point hygiene
• train community hygiene promoters
• train 26 Sunday-school facilitators from 15 different churches
• encourage 37 individual families to construct their own latrines. Twelve institutional latrines—containing eight stalls, two washrooms, and two hand-washing facilities—are being planned at schools, a market, and a clinic.

This means, already this year, more than 8,000 people in Liberia have gained access to safe water because of generosity like yours!

There are still devastating challenges facing the country: health and education services crippled by the loss of frontline health workers; broken families and relationships after so many lives lost; children left as orphans; and survivors still stigmatized by neighbors. But we’re so grateful God continues to equip communities with the safe water and hygiene education through your donations.

With your help, we hold onto hope that Sierra Leone can soon earn the same Ebola-free stamp of approval. While the Ebola virus still threatens the country, the number of cases is finally beginning to decrease. In order to help prepare local schools to reopen, we’ve provided 250 handwashing stations to benefit 12,500 students! Please pray we can soon reach Northern communities where travel is currently restricted because of the Ebola epidemic.

We continually thank God for pouring out blessings on West Africa through you. Please continue to pray. Please continue to give—until everyone can celebrate living Ebola-free!

Published June 12, 2015


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