Inviting Churches to Link Arms, Grow Disciples, and Meet Needs

We invite you to join us on a journey to grow disciples and solve the global water crisis as the body of Christ. Our unity, action, and compassion will be a powerful testimony to a thirsty world. Begin by engaging your congregation on a journey of discipleship and service:

Grow In Knowledge

Living Water offers resources to help church members expand their spiritual insight and understanding of God’s work in the world. Through these resources, individuals can develop a love of justice and a heart for seeing God’s kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven.

Available Resources Include

Expand Your Experience

Hearing the word of God brings people to faith; experiencing God in action deepens that faith, attracts the seeker, and helps grow discipleship opportunities for all. Through Living Water, congregations can participate in the global body of Christ in ways that give tangible expression to the gospel and help believers grow in faith.

Get active in these ways

Invest for Impact

Christ tells us whenever you care for the least of these, you care for him. To make our work possible, we need the financial investment of churches and their members. Whether you can give a small monthly gift, sponsor a water project, or enable an entire WASH Program Area, you’ll know your financial contribution is making a significant impact by proclaiming the gospel in word and deed.

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Living Water currently works along the Pacific coast of Guatemala. Team members will use an LS300 or a LS400 drill rig with our in-country drillers and help our hygiene team share proper sanitation techniques and Bible stories. You’ll get to experience the rich Guatemalan culture in Antigua, including a coffee plantation tour and Cerro de la Cruz—a beautiful cross set on a hill.