“The water was black.”africa burkina faso Africa Field Notes

"Our well was made with material which did not give good water,” said Nonguierma O’Herve, a farmer in the village of Komsilga. “When we came to pump water in the morning, the water was black.”

READ MORE published: May 10, 2011

A Mission of Mercyburkina faso Africa Field Notes

While it’s true that Living Water works around the world to drill and repair water wells, our work is more than that. Each well is a stone in the water, causing endless ripples throughout the communities where we work. Often, we don’t know the extent of this ripple effect; but one Sunday in Burkina Faso, Living Water’s Burkina Faso Country Director Geoffrey Richter got to witness it first-hand as the well he helped repair last summer opened the door to save someone’s life. Yes, we know clean water saves people’s lives...but this time was a little different.

READ MORE published: November 19, 2011

Team Living Water

Become a water activist on the road. Team Living Water unites through running, biking, and adventure challenges to provide water, for life, in Jesus’ name.

READ MORE published: May 24, 2012


READ MORE published: June 08, 2012


READ MORE published: October 04, 2012


READ MORE published: October 04, 2012

Advent: The Greatest in the KingdomAdvent Conspiracy Sierra Leone Africa Field Notes

The world is small—Caleb collects some coins, we spend a little less, and Shekah saves lives. We pray we’ll all be a little more like Caleb this year, so others can be more like Shekah. Check out his work in this video.

READ MORE published: December 10, 2012

Burkina Faso: "God Helps in Every Moment"burkina faso Dagara Africa Field Notes

Our ministry partner Geoffrey Richter serves alongside the Dagara people in Burkina Faso. He's worked with Living Water since 2009, evaluating communities' needs and our response. We then rely on God's leading to determine where to focus our efforts, regardless of religion, to demonstrate Christ's love through clean water. We love this story he tells of God's divine orchestration—our stories interwoven to climax as the body of Christ. Be sure to click through the photo gallery to see where your support will have an impact.

READ MORE published: February 21, 2013

Water Fosters Freedom in Nairobi's Slumschildren's home orphanage human trafficking sex trafficking prostitution

Deep in the slums east of Nairobi you'll find a Living Water pump that not only provides water to 350 schoolchildren, but also to underage Kenyan girls rescued from the sex trade and to an entire community of 1,000 when municipal water supply is revoked. Everything begins with water. Even freedom.

READ MORE published: July 04, 2013

Why We Can't Impose DevelopmentDevelopment Slum Kibera Nairobi Kenya

Why We Can't Impose Development

While spending the summer in Africa, Jonathan Wiles, our VP for Program Excellence, returned to Kibera, the continent's largest slum. The first time he'd fixed eyes on it was 10 years ago—nothing has changed. His visit begs the question, why is development so hard?

READ MORE published: July 23, 2013


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