In the News: CEO Story in Houston Chronicle

by: Meredith Maines
July 16, 2015

You never know what your generosity might inspire! Back when Mike Mantel, now CEO of Living Water International, was just in his 20s, he worked for a man who sponsored a safe water well in Senegal. Mike traveled to inspect the work—and fell in love with the cause! Seeing how his boss’ generosity transformed the lives in this community changed Mike’s life too. Ever since, he’s dedicated his career to clean water. Now Living Water is celebrating its 25th anniversary—with your help, we've installed 15,451 water wells, expanded to seven offices around the world, and this year have plans to build 1,300 wells.
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"If you could get people water, it would develop agriculture, they would be healthy, women and girls would spend less time hauling water and spend more time in school and on their farms,” Mike told the Houston Chronicle. "And if I could do one thing in my life that would have a significant impact, it would be helping communities access water."
When you give to Living Water, you're not only transforming communities with safe water and hygiene education, offered in Jesus' name. You're also inspiring those around you to help do the same! Read the rest of this week’s Houston Chronicle article about Mike and the milestones your generosity have helped achieve—and be sure to spread the news! To help us celebrate 25 years of your support for safe water and the living water, join us at our Houston gala, Thursday, Oct. 1!


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