The Genius of One: God's Answer for Our FractChurch

Together let’s stir things up, in our relationships, our churches, our communities, and our world. For the time is now for us to act, to lead. To live out what Jesus prayed for us that night so long ago.

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Why Accountability MattersChurch

Why Accountability Matters

Accountability allows us to confess patterns of temptation and in so doing we are restrained from actual transgression

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10 DaysChurch

10 Days

The 10 days 2017 is right around the corner. But there’s still plenty of time to get involved!   

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Blessed to Serve Like JesusChurch

Blessed to Serve Like Jesus

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Welcome to

Welcome to This is where we celebrate the Church here at home, as she serves the Church over there and across the globe. We believe that the Church is God’s primary agent for spiritual and physical transformation everywhere. Here and there.

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