A Day In The Life Of Lucy africa children time lucy water

A Day In The Life Of Lucy

We see children spend countless hours collecting water––dirty water––instead of spending time dreaming, playing, and living as a child should. Watch the video online to learn more about Lucy, a 13-year-old girl who dreams of a better life––a life possible with clean water. www.water.cc/kenya

READ MORE published: May 13, 2014

Drink Clean Water, #EndViolenceFadzai Overspill Zimbabwe Holistic IJM

Drink Clean Water, #EndViolence

When I met, Fadzai in Overspill, Zimbabwe, I knew it wasn't by chance, and that our friendship would become a microcosm of the Redemption of the world, the real heaven and earth we've been looking forward to for the past 2,000 years.

READ MORE published: February 03, 2014

Pastor-to-Pastor: Living Water TripsChurch

How would you like to better engage your local church while radically changing the lives of those in need?

READ MORE published: September 18, 2017

MEMO: Mid-Year Funding NeedsMemo Mid-Year Funding General

In order for us to stay on target and meet our commitments to 1,150 communities, we urgently need to receive a significant number of additional donations during the month of June. Read this memo from our senior vice president of development for details on how you can help us reach all the communities we've planned to serve.

READ MORE published: May 29, 2015

2013's Top 10 Moments Worth Celebratingyear in review top 10 General

2013's Top 10 Moments Worth Celebrating

Here are 10 reasons 2013 made us do the happy dance. We hope you're wearing dancing shoes—we're pretty sure you'll want to join the party!

READ MORE published: January 21, 2014